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Car rental service with driver Venice

A NCC service in Venice allows you to make a stay in the world’s most admired lagoon city even more wonderful Thanks to our car rental service with driver Venezia, urban and extra-urban travel will not be a problem, but rather will allow you to reach your destination in maximum comfort. In fact, many vehicles can satisfy every need including comfortable and elegant cars, perfect for a business trip or meeting, and spacious vehicles in which you can travel comfortably with the whole family.

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Customised packages for an exclusive NCC Venice

A business trip alone, a romantic stay as a couple or a holiday with the whole family: there are many occasions that can lead you to the Venetian capital, and for each of them there is a need for a customised service. Our Venice NCC provides customized packages designed to guarantee everyone to have the best transfer experience in the Veneto city. From the tourist transfer package, designed to meet the needs of those who are in the city for tourism and do not want to miss the best artistic, archaeological, and historical points of interest in Venice and the surrounding area, to the possibility of travelling with children 0-12 years old for free if accompanied by an adult, and even the opportunity to enjoy the holidays with your pet friend. In fact, dogs are welcome on board our vehicles with driver Venice!

NCC Venice offer at the best prices without surprises

How much does a rental with driver cost in the capital of Veneto? We of NCC Service Venezia can not only guarantee the best services at the most competitive prices on the market, but we will also allow you to enjoy your stay in the lagoon city without any surprises. Prices are in fact established in advance, clearly and precisely. You will never have any unpleasant surprises by choosing our car rental service with driver Venezia, only pleasant discoveries. You will be surprised by the comfort offered by our cars with driver, by the professionalism and discretion of our staff, ready to welcome you in the best possible ways to take you wherever you want with speed and accuracy. Choosing NCC Service Venezia does not just mean scheduling a transfer from one place to another, but being able to have a complete service, designed to transform every stay, your stay into a unique travel experience.